Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yamcha with 2 teachers!

Hee... Well, we Franciscan are always close to our teachers(taught us or didn't). Today, we(me and Yi Xuan) decided to ask both of our teacher Mr Yong and Mdm Tan. Both very humorous and "naughty" teacher. haha... We have great time with them, in school or during our yamcha session.

Actually, we wanted to do our gathering at Tiga Ros(Mamak).. But due to heavy rain, we decided to change location to Pearl Cafe. So, I made a call to Mr Yong(YKK) to inform him the changes.
Jh: Sir!
YKK: Yea, so how?
Jh: We are going to change the location due to heavy rain.. Maybe Pearl Cafe. You know?
(The line was part might went lost to no where)
YKK: Ahh.. what? What cafe?
Jh: Pearl Cafe, Melaka Raya there...
YKK: How you spell it?
Jh: P-E-A-R-L, sir...Sir, the English Literature you taught me...The Pearl...
YKK: Oh...okok...
(Edited by Jh, because...How can I remember all the details...)

So, I drove and pick Yi Xuan up and head towards the cafe. Our teacher- Mdm Tan already reached. Very punctual... haha.. So, we started chit-chatting all the way... Then, YKK arrived too. Then tonnes of stories boomed out...haha... YKK also came out with plenty of his jokes(Cannot tahan..haha...) We have great time together... Teacher-Student relationship, or maybe we are already like friend-friend relationship..

From left: Yi Xuan, Mdm Tan, YKK, JhTham..
Picture thanks to Pei Chen(Spaghetti senior)

Thanks again, to both respectable teachers!


Qichee said...

ok,The Pearl...
i noe tat too..hehe..

slumbeRAJA said...

wah cool teachers. yamcha with students ^^

Joon Hao said...

haha..You should know de ba...haha..

Slumberaja: teachers with cooler students...hahah...wink*

Zhong Yang said...

hmmm not melaka high teacher right?

Joon Hao said...

zhong yang:
nope wor..SFI