Thursday, October 09, 2008

Telekom Malaysia Services

As I have experience working in Customer Service, I find the services provided by TM is totally disappointing. Few days back, my house was struck by lightning, one of the most terrifying thunderstorm I have ever met in my 20 years of being alive. Not only my house is affected, almost 70-80% of the houses in my housing area were affected. So, the chaos that I met was my telephone services, including internet service which is Streamyx were not in working condition. What I suspect was the telephone line housing struck by lightning. Hence, I spent a few dollars to call TM Customer Service with my cell to request them for a repair. Well, they said they will have to check it on their side first, then only ask the technician to come over for another check. Okay, fine!

Two days later, the technician finally came over to my house for the check and 'repair' service. They threw away my phone cable and said it was damaged and not in working condition already. Then, they cut off my Streamyx cable and the cable that is connected to my house alarm from the main telephone line housing, which causes my alarm unable to make outgoing reports to me when the alarm rang and also my internet is down! I don't understand why he cut it off since the problem should be the telephne line housing. And the funny thing is, he was just about to leave my house after all these 'services'. Wonderful isn't it? So, my mum was shouting at him, saying she needs her telephone service, which is very important to us. Then, only the technician turn back and said, "I do not have the phone cable, how to connect back?" Guess what? He went back to the garbage to recollect the cable that he threw and connect it back to the phone. And, he tells my mum, "Dah boleh guna, tak rosak." Professional enough?

So, as I am still stucked in UKM, I lodge a complain to TM via email, telling them about the unfixed problems. And their reply is non other than customized or in a form of template letter. But, today, they actually called me up. Asking me whether my phone line problem resolved or not, which I replied them, "Yes". And, that operator just going to say bye bye to me without any attempt to solve my Streamyx problem. He asked me to call Streamyx Customer Service if I need a technician to go over my place, and that is only if my Streamyx can not connect to the net.

Telekom officers, please do train your operators or customer service officers well. Input more commitment, people in Malaysia need your service.


jhtham said...

I am impressed, they actually bothered to call you back! Not bad for Malaysian standard.

Joon Hao said...

I guess this is the power of writings.. Every customer service will be afraid of written complains..