Thursday, October 23, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

This morning, right after my Geology class. I went to Pusanika(our so called activity centre) to have my breakfast. Hmmm, then proceed to library already. But, because very sleep a while there.. hahaa.. air conditioned marr... then, I realized I have plenty of things need to settle, such as
1) Scuba Club not listed/registered under the Merit system, which is a problem to all first year students(I even hold a position there, so I have to go meet up the person-in-charge)
2) Mentor's name not in my Merit system which I need to ask the clerk to key in
3) Haven't meet my mentor, as we need to meet them at least 3 times...I only met him once(officially ones I meant, because unofficial I met him few times already)

So, I very daring. Leave my laptop open in the library. Ran to Pusanika to see the PIC. First time, he wasn't around. Just so nice downstairs got freebies to take(Nescafe and notebook), so I went there to collect my freebies before going back library..2nd time, the door locked..3rd time, he is there. But, he said my Scuba Club wasn't registered and asked me to see the Sport Unit PIC for help. OMGosh.... Before anything, I go to another centre to see another person who is in charge of the Merit System. She said that most likely we are not registered as well. But, she is very nice person to talk with. So, I chat with her for a while and tell her about my experience of diving. Take the chance to implant the "Love our Earth"'s seed into her mind. Hehe.. Next, I get help from my club advisor, also our dear Prof. Madya Dr. Mazlan, luckily he said he will help me to check it out, ask me not to worry. Okay.. Consider settle..

Oh ya, before meeting up with the nice-to-talk person in-charge, they invited me for a Jamuan Hari Raya.. Haha.. which saved my money by a bit, because I already had a bit for my lunch, just that I no need to buy extra to satisfy my never-say-full stomach..

2nd problem remain unsolved as the clerk also don't know who is in-charge of this section. The empowerment is still unclear.. sweat....

3rd problem, I contacted my beloved mentor, he said he will be free in the evening. So, I will meet him up later, although I do not have much thing to ask him. Haha...

That's all for now, back to memorizing for my exam on Tuesday.. Selamat Hari Raya again to all Muslims.. And thanks again for the treat...^^

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jayne said...

Aiks~ owes update ur bloggie wor^__^

keep it up =D