Saturday, December 01, 2007

Happening outside of Dataran Pahlawan

Hmmm..guess what? Monday last paper for STPM!!Woo HOOO!!!hehe..kinda excited..My Singapore relatives came here for a stop before going to KL. So, we decided to go to Dataran Pahlawan. There is an very interesting exhibition there, " From A Culture of Violence to A Culture of Peace: Transforming the Human Spirit". It is about anti nuclear, what we can do about it. I will post about it next time..Hmmm..So, after signing the petition, we decided to go to Newton for lunch. Just when we came out from Padini, we saw this unique bird(maybe because I never see before la..haha)..We were wondering why there is such a bird here..
So, this is my father..A naughty one, go and kacau he bird..Aiyo..I said, that bird so kesian, sick already you still kacau..

This is a close up of that bird..

After my dad kacau that bird, he/she spread out his/her wings...hmmm..

Then le..when we reach Newton, I decided to make a call to Zoo Melaka, thinking they will send a rescue team to take care of the bird, quarantine it or what..maybe bird flu le horr...we didn't know..So, here is the conversation...

Me: Hello.
Receptionist(A): Hello, sini Zoo Melaka!!
Me: I called from Dataran Pahlawan and saw a unique bird which is sicked. So, can you send someone to collect it and give it some treatment?
A: Har, err..Apa you cakap?? Nanti ar nanti....
After a few minutes...(ish....I using my prepaid phone you know...expensive...)
Another Receptionist(B): Hello...(Heard some whispering from the A , "cakap le cakap, TAK TAHU apa dia cakap la...")
Me: (Repeated something similar...)
B: Er....Siapa you ar??
Me: Saya Tham Joon Hao, seorang pelajar. Saya di Dataran Pahlawan sekarang. Saya jumpa seekor burung yang jarang di jumpa di Melaka. ( now only they start know what I am talking...Wonder whether they take English before or not...Maybe just only know what is Hello only...haha)
B: Oh...macam ni heh...kita tak boleh buat apa la...Jika kamu boleh hantar ke sini kita boleh jaga la...kita tak boleh hantar sesiapa pergi pun..tak ada kuasa..jika kamu betul-betul nak kami datang jemput itu burung(if I don't need them, i wouldn't have call them already), kamu perlu buat talian kepada Perkhidmatan Melaka. Selepas mereka cakap boleh, kami akan hantar orang pergi situ. Boleh?
Me: Ok, jadi apa nombor mereka?
B: 2833***.
Me: Ok...terima kasih..

I was save a bird need to go through so much red tape...Further more...the number she gave...I can't call through..WHAT THE!!!

So, the moral of the story is...Teach your children to speak English..And HOPE the government will cut down all these unnecessary RED tape..
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