Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saves the kids...Join Me...

Recently have saw the article from Kenny Sia's website about the 'Child Sponsorship Program' by World Vision. Hence, I have decided to join this although I am busy studying for my finals exam which is the coming Tuesday. What we need to do is just blog/review about and they will sponsor RM 50 to the child, which I think it is very nice as we are just using few minutes to finish up a blog entry.

Here I go!!

CompareHotel - from the name itself we know that it is a service provided to compare hotels' details such as the popularity, rating, pricing, availability, etc just in ONE website. It indeed save us a lot of hassles to search website by website, page by page just to look for the ONE hotel that we are going to spend our holidays there! Just that ONE website only!

This system searches over 700,000 hotel deals from all major hotel inventory sources. Having partnered with all major websites we have now combined over 2 million consumer reviews, 2.4 million hotel pictures and hotel descriptions. And most importantly, they do not alter hotel rates in any way!! They do not provide booking services, they just help you to compare hotels. Once you have made your decision, just call to the hotel or some other agency to make your booking. Just that simple..

Look at the screenshot that I took here...3 Steps will do...

This above is the main page of the website...After you select your check in & out date, number of guest & rooms, the city that you are going, Click Compare!

Then, it will process...

So, in just split of seconds(mind you, I am using the wi-fi of UKM, which is quite slow at times), I manage to get a list of hotels including the details of it... Pretty fast...

Lastly, once you have decided which hotel to go to.. Click the reserve button which will get you out of the CompareHotel website to the hotel or agency for direct booking(Not CompareHotel website do the booking but other website).. Then, TAaaDAaa!! Everything DONE!! Enjoy your trip at your chosen destination!! ^^

Get it? So, start using to save your time on comparing hotels. For bloggers, start your review of the website here and save the child! They need you!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

As told earlier on, went to Pusanika and participated in a Nescafe Kick Start thingy. These are my "prizes"

Well...not the laptop of course... haha...
10 packs of nescafe to wake me up...
5 notebooks for me to jot down important points...
Not bad right??

Selamat Hari Raya

This morning, right after my Geology class. I went to Pusanika(our so called activity centre) to have my breakfast. Hmmm, then proceed to library already. But, because very sleep a while there.. hahaa.. air conditioned marr... then, I realized I have plenty of things need to settle, such as
1) Scuba Club not listed/registered under the Merit system, which is a problem to all first year students(I even hold a position there, so I have to go meet up the person-in-charge)
2) Mentor's name not in my Merit system which I need to ask the clerk to key in
3) Haven't meet my mentor, as we need to meet them at least 3 times...I only met him once(officially ones I meant, because unofficial I met him few times already)

So, I very daring. Leave my laptop open in the library. Ran to Pusanika to see the PIC. First time, he wasn't around. Just so nice downstairs got freebies to take(Nescafe and notebook), so I went there to collect my freebies before going back library..2nd time, the door locked..3rd time, he is there. But, he said my Scuba Club wasn't registered and asked me to see the Sport Unit PIC for help. OMGosh.... Before anything, I go to another centre to see another person who is in charge of the Merit System. She said that most likely we are not registered as well. But, she is very nice person to talk with. So, I chat with her for a while and tell her about my experience of diving. Take the chance to implant the "Love our Earth"'s seed into her mind. Hehe.. Next, I get help from my club advisor, also our dear Prof. Madya Dr. Mazlan, luckily he said he will help me to check it out, ask me not to worry. Okay.. Consider settle..

Oh ya, before meeting up with the nice-to-talk person in-charge, they invited me for a Jamuan Hari Raya.. Haha.. which saved my money by a bit, because I already had a bit for my lunch, just that I no need to buy extra to satisfy my never-say-full stomach..

2nd problem remain unsolved as the clerk also don't know who is in-charge of this section. The empowerment is still unclear.. sweat....

3rd problem, I contacted my beloved mentor, he said he will be free in the evening. So, I will meet him up later, although I do not have much thing to ask him. Haha...

That's all for now, back to memorizing for my exam on Tuesday.. Selamat Hari Raya again to all Muslims.. And thanks again for the treat...^^

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Human's natural reaction..

Now, I would like to share a video which I found interesting too. Frog represents human.

You see, when we are facing a problem which pop up immediately.. We of course know that we are in danger and will find ways to solve it. But, if it is something that happening around us slowly, step-by-step, we wouldn't realise it immediately. We will just sit there and wait. Although it is uncomfortable, we will just be so patience there to wait for something to happen a.k.a. miracle to solve our problem. Why I blog about this is because global warming is happening since thousands and thousands year ago(those are tiny, mini things that doesn't affect much to our daily life). But, the increment of factories, vehicles, cows(hmmm...I bring them in as their fart produces tonnes of methane gas which is one of the greenhouse gases), war(especially those involved nuclear and hydrogen bomb) made our temperature increase exponentially nowadays. Yet, people are still sitting here and 'Who cares?!' to all the environmentalist or those who cares the Earth and their future generations. Peoples do not appreciate what they have now, they do not take care of them. The frog is lucky to be saved before really get killed in the boiling water. If global warming reaches the final stage, who can save us? Think about this yourself.

The Studying JhTham

I am studying in the library now... For my final exam...

Look! I am studying... Yes, I am serious... Studying while listening to music...Currently this is the original soundtrack from Full House...

It takes me to think hard to understand the concept behind all the text that I photocopied... I need to memorize them...

Hmm.. I think I have figured them out...

Yes, that's it! Thank you for spending your time reading my meaningless blog of the day! HaHa...

Why so SeRioUssSSSss?

Presentation is a success!

My presentation finally..finally it's over.. Glad that the class enjoyed listening and watching my animation which is taken from An Inconvenient Truth by Mr. Al Gore. After the class, our lecturer was actually asking us what is a good presentation. None of us answer at first. She asked all of us again, whichever presentation that attracts you is the good presentation. So, my classmates said that she likes the one with the video clips, which is my group's presentation. I am glad to hear that as if our words really have the power of influences, all of us in class will start protecting the Earth. Woo hoo !!

Well, I am watching the movie, The Secret now. I would like to promote this movie to all, especially to those who think negative, you know who you are. If we can conquer the Law of Attraction, I believe, we will be success in our life.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Arrival of Tun Dr Mahathir

2033 - Event started with Negaraku
2036 - Followed by prayer recital
2038 - Poem... which is kinda sweat....even former PM fishing there...
2043 - Forum started

As the forum ended... We were waiting outside, in front of his BMW...and... I managed to grab his hand for a shake...very soft hand... haha... my senior even gotten his signature on his book..

Actually wanna talk about the content of the forum...but since I do not have a very good memory...and to avoid mis-add/subtract some important part of his facts... I decided not to blog about his content... hehe

Tun Mahathir - Live Telecast from UKM

Forum Perpaduan by Former Prime Minister - Tun Dr Mahathir in UKM

As the seats are limited in Bilik Senat, we were requested to go to an open area to watch from the screen.

It's actually raining here...

Picture taken by my friend, Gan, as he felt annoyed by this live-blogger here
I'll upload more if I find it interesting..

Tomorrow is the day..

Well.. As most of my coursemates have finished their EST presentation, tomorrow will be mine. I have spent a few hours sitting in front of my dear Inspiron 1420 to edit my powerpoint. Well, for my part...It will not be just mere points, I have edited some video clips and attached them on it... Tomorrow I shall shine and blast the class off... Is not the ego to show off but it is time to let the people know how serious our Earth is suffering now as the topic I am presenting is The Effects of Global Warming.. Please save the Earth as I am already doing my part as Citizen of Earth!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

What you will do when you are bored of reading...


Picture was taken with SGH U 600 and edited using the cell itself