Saturday, June 09, 2007

High School Division Motivational Camp 2007

3rd~5th June, 2007

©Photographed by JhTham
Well, well, well..Finally HSD Camp ended. It was interesting yet tiring, of course. Hardly seen any camp which is not tiring, right? This is actually a '3-in-1 camp'--Galactic Future Group(GFG), Motivational Camp and also 5.5 Ceremony. Interesting, isn't it? This event was held in Hutan Botanika Melaka, previously known as Hutan Rekreasi Melaka. It was a 3 days 2 nights event, and 62 participants including committees were involved. We managed to involved Soka friends in this camp and the result turned out well as they enjoyed themselves throughout the camp. We, as in the committee members were really happy for it. We are proud to be always protected by the Mystic Law throughout the camp. Well, we often met into 'lost and found' incidents during this camp. Firstly, Eric's house key was misplaced in the car. Luckily, after a night and some scoldings, he found it. Then, Guang Ming lost his 'Orlando Bloom File'. And, he also found it at last. Lastly, was about the Dangau's key(Dangau is a type of Malay wooden chalet). On the second day, that particular key went missing, and so coincide one of the girl from that chalet need to leave earlier. We walk here and there, panic and rushing to get the key out from nowhere. On the last day, we found that key! Wow! Marvelous! This is really special. And it definitely shown the protection by the Ultimate Law--Nam-Myo-Ho-Renge-Kyo. I learnt a lot as one of the committees. Things can go haywire in a split of seconds, we just need to stay calm and find a solution to bring things back to the right track. :)