Saturday, June 14, 2008

Perhentian Island

Well well well...Just came back from Perhentian Island, Terengganu yesterday. It is a wonderful and unforgettable trip with my fellow classmates from U6 Alpha. The trip to Jerteh by bus is somehow boring-long journey trip. Luckily, I have someone to chat with during the trip, which killed the boredom, haha. We reach Jerteh about 5 a.m., 10th June, 2008. Waited for a while for our vans in front of the 24 hours KFC restaurant.

After having breakfast somewhere near the jetty, we are leaving to Perhentian by speed boat. Wow! It's fun! The waves are strong enough to bring us "flying" on the water. Super nice(but not to people who having sea-sick, too bad la...). Finally we reached Perhentian Island, it is nice!! Sandy beach + clear water.. We unpacked our luggages in our room then we start doing our own activities. Some of us went to bed for extra energy for our main activities-Snorkel. But, me and few of my friends went for some photo shooting at the beach. After that, we( the beach boys) also built sand castles, mummy statue, the Pentagon, etc there(too free). Soon after our lunch, we depart for our snorkeling trip, 6 trips in total. As I had tried out snorkeling and diving from my previous trips, I had no problem at all during the trip. Just maybe I snorkel a bit slower than others as I wanted to look carefully on each marine life. Hence, I just share what I know with my friends especially to those who are afraid of water. We managed to see corals, fishes, turtles and sharks. After all six, we came back and wait for our dinner. As the time is still early, I went to other part of the beach to hunt for some pictures and souvenirs. Digi line is very poor on our beach, can't even send nor receive sms. I found a spot to be able to make calls during my hunting session. haha..

The next day we had a chance to visit Redang Island and Lang Tengah. Very good snorkel experience there also. I am so excited and woke up quite early. Took my photography gears and went out to hunt again. But too bad there is no Sunrise nor Sunset scenery able to be detected at my area. Sigh...Soon after breakfast we left for Redang. Took some pictures at More More Tea Inn, Redang. After some snorkeling, we went back to the Air Tawar area to bath with COLD water. If I am not mistaken, it is known as Air Berani( Courageous Water). It is a freshwater spring aptly named to challenge those of stout heart and pure of mind to bathe in its bone-chilling water, before venturing out into the blue yonder. After that, the beach boys went for beach volleyball. Sadly, my group lost. Then, few of us continue our journey to "test" the Jungle tracking at Perhentian. Mosquitoes were chasing us during the journey, especially when we stop for photo shots. So, we decided to try the whole jungle tracking with others the next day before we leave the island. Soon, our DINNER TIME!! BBQ!! Stuffed my tummy with plenty of food... After that actually wanna look for "blue sand" on the beach. Heard that it is quite hard to be found and have to be deep dark condition only can spot it. But, suddenly rain comes again which happen also last night. Sweat.... So, we just wait and after that we went back to room to have a drink! Yam Seng!! Had Whisky, Orang Utan liquor and Vodka. Well, I don't drink that much and definitely not drunk. Haha..

We woke up quite early in the next morning and prepared for our Jungle Tracking! We cleared our rooms and prepared water for the activity. We went through the jungle, reach another beach and another beach...After a while, we are LOST...oopss.. We went wrong way(water path).. Few of my friends injured their legs by the sharp and slippery stones. We have no time to return to the correct path as our boat is coming soon. Hence, we search for speedboat to rescue us from the dead end. As gentlemen, we sent the girls back by boat first while we waiting for the boat to return. Good right...haha...So, our skin got tanned...haha...

Well, during our trip back home, our bus' suspension broke down. Have to wait more than 5 hours for a replacement bus. Damn crazy.. In the end, we reach home after a 20 hours ++ bus trip...

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