Friday, March 27, 2009

HIV or No HIV??

Terrifying news! I am going to get my HIV blood test. Errr... Don't misunderstand okay? I didn't do whatever you are thinking but it is for my Taiwan trip this coming May! Yup yup! I got the internship overseas already!! Taiwan is waiting for me!!(Congrats me k??) I wonder where can I get the medical checkup? Any ideas? Do let me know if you know okay? Don't be shy, haha...

Yup yup.. I am recovering from my sore throat *cough**cough*. Although now got a bit flu, but I just I will be okay soon. This weekend will go to check and buy my diving equipments. Yea, finally I am going to own my mask, snorkel and fins. Thinking of buying wetsuit at the same time also, but I am afraid I will not have enough money. Saddening...

Here, I would like to share a song which has meaning in my life.

Lyrics | Secondhand Serenade lyrics - Fall For You lyrics

Monday, March 23, 2009

I am losing my Voice!

Oh no! I am losing my voice. Few days back before my trip to Terengganu for the Homestay program which is organized by Khidmat Masyarakat - 5th Set, I started to have my sore throat. As I reach Setiu, Terengganu, my sore throat is getting worse day by day. Hehe.. But today, I am very happy and lucky enough because someone magically made a sweet sweet honey drink for me so that I can get back my voice soon. Happy! hehe.. Thanks again o.. hehe..

My magical honey which can heal me magically :P

Okay, back to the trip that I had mentioned earlier on. Sorry that I couldn't update my blog for these few days. And surprisingly there is a few comments about my earlier post about the Musicon at Maison thanks to NuffNang and Maxis Broadband. Haha.. Paiseh la..

Our trip is somehow fun and bored at the same time. The journey to Terengganu is quite a distance from UKM. We spent our Thursday night in the bus, stayed overnight in there which is very uncomfortable as the bus is quite shaky. But, I am lucky because we can choose our partner to sit together during the trip. Hehe.. During the journey also received some message from my coursemates to ask me to be 'good son' as this is an 'Anak Angkat' Program and also asking me to get them souvenirs. Too bad I could get whatever thing because the place is quite secluded and I didn't bring a lot cash also.

The first day, when we reach the village, we can see there is a lot of people or we can even say all the villagers gathered there to welcome us. Haha. After the welcoming ceremony with Kompang and the hand-shaking with the villagers, we reach the mosque which is the place to meet your 'parents'. Lol! We gathered there then wait for the normal, boring, and time-consuming speeches to finish. Finally, the most exciting part - Meet your Parents. Wow! Everyone is getting excited as we get to know who is whose parents as we are called out one by one. So kan chiong. There is a lot of 'Waaa!!', 'Wooo!!!', 'PhewHitt!!' and lots of laughter coming out from our side. And my 'dad' is the so called 'Bapa Rock' - Kamal!He is just 30-year-old and still single.. Haha..Can imagine? Hehe.. Darn Cool..And it is his birthday that day le.. Haha.. I gave him a UKM T-shirt as present. Haha..

After having our lunch at the mosque, my 'dad' fetch us(with my friend, Aimeen) back to 'our' home. The house is kinda simple, made of bricks and woods. We also have Astro there. Since my 'dad' is still single, we only had our 'grandmother' with us in the house because our 'uncle' is working outstation. We have 4 cats in the house also. I am darn tired at the moment, so I took my nap there. After my nap, we went out with 2 motorbikes without helmets. The air there is darn cooling like Genting. We went to see a freshwater fish there which cost more than a thousand for one. Quite a big one. We also go out makan at the roadside foodstall. The night there is very nice and cooling. And the stars there is superb. I have never seen so many stars before in the night in Melaka nor UKM. Not bad, not bad.. That day I ate 5 meals excluding 2 tea time in the afternoon and evening. Haha..Cool? hahaha..My 'dad' borrowed us his room for the nights while he sleeps in the living room. Feel bad but he said guests must stay inside.

The second day, we woke up late but not late for the event because they are also late. Haha.. From there I learn that no need to be that punctual as we are in Kampung(village). Life is light and easy, no need to think that much. Today nothing that fun except seeing them practising for the performances in the evening and also the Sukaneka(Sports event with the villagers). The performances in the evening is a success especially my princess is so lovely..Haha..

Third day, we went to 3 different school according to our grouping. I went to Pelong Primary School. As I am somehow consider good in technical part, I was assigned to setup and control the computer system. The kids are cute and active. They have a very wide smile and welcome us and sent us off with a very warm waves. They just ran out and say bye. Super cute. After that, we have our last lunch with our 'family'. I ate a lot as this is the last and the dishes are definitely much better than UKM's. My 'family' gave me a present which is a towel as souvenir and surprisingly my 'grandmother' gave me money. She put the money in her hands while I am actually going to shake her hands as farewell. As I am quite sharp in this, I quickly withdraw my hands before reaching hers. I said no need the money, but she insisted. So, as a matter of respect, I received the money from her. After that, we depart from Setiu back to UKM!

*simplified some parts as it will be long to type everything here*