Monday, September 21, 2009

ICX Graduation Tour continues...

Hey guys! I am now continuing to blog about my trip with the ICXers in Taiwan. Hehe..Very long right? Until now still haven't finish.. Join AIESEC in your country and MUST join eXchange to other countries! Really different experience!! If you happened to be in Malaysia and you are in one of the any university AND you are interested in exchange, do let me know. I will try to arrange for you!

Our mansion there..WoW! Huge!!

My dinner for that night..Teppanyaki Black Pepper Pork Noodles!!

I like this!

One of the UM AIESECer.. :)

In the tunnel..Like it? I don't know..feel like something is wrong..Angle?


"Hey Darrien! Pose for me!! Pose for me!!"

Darrien posed like LOTR...


Claren:" Pan, look there.."
Pan:" Look where? Hot la.."

Pan:" Oh oh...Smile...."

Cave of Water Curtain..Yeah...all the while we are moving toward this direction..long journey with a lot of tunnels...

See the water fall?

The aunty behind:" Walao..why suddenly this 2 gals stop and pose like that..Got people snap pictures meh..."

Who is she snapping??

Saw her??