Thursday, May 19, 2011

18th & 19th May 2011, Taitung fieldtrip

Phew... Just came back from the fieldtrip, had 2 dives. Both very low visibility(~1-1.5meters visibility) and 4 meter depth only. Collected samples and attached another 2 sets of acrylic plates there. We also collected water samples to test D/O.

Here are some pictures taken(not underwater) this 2 days...
The view of the port outside of the hostel..
Dry your shoes?
Ship-like building besides the port
Famous swordfish in the town ~ Small size due to overfishing... Humans!!
View in the morning outside my hostel
On the way to breakfast shop
Shot inside the breakfast shop... Mr Biker
My room with Hsiao Hsin
ER just besides our hostel?? LOL~~
Breaking the law?
Bumblebee!!! Welcome to waste vehicles dispose center...
P/S: I tried out Adobe Lightroom to change some of the colour settings... Is it better?

Monday, May 16, 2011

14th May 2011, 三年九班,恒春 - 放羊的星星,关山

Today, we went to 三年九班 for lunch(my brunch).

It's a classroom themed restaurant
Big menu
Smaller menu(exercise book)
Food ranking

Some decorations in the restaurant~~

Teachers' rest room
My food is here! Cost me NTD 180~~

Then, we went to this cafe at Guan Shan.

Little fluffy rabbit in the cafe... They have a section for rabbits!

The toilet...

If you can recognize who is that?

The sunset(not really nice for that day as it's very cloudy...)

Baby of the day!

Anyway, notice anything different?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

13th May 2011, Back to Kenting Night Market

Some shots of the night...

My favourite Pearl Tea shop in Taiwan

Long queue for this stall(car?)



The place I bought my sesame ice cream..