Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Namewee under probe video

黄明志,or better known as Namewee, once again appeared in the attention of everyone for his video posted.

Recently, he had posted up a video featuring the racist principal who made a very wrong statement about other races in Malaysia which made a huge amount of people mad. He had already removed the video from Youtube due to disapproval from various party including our Prime Minister.

He is a person who will stand up for things that happened around him, for example, a video about Tenaga Nasional when his hometown was hit by a blackout. Although it might be humiliating but I was taught 'Berani kerana Benar' during my secondary school as well. I do hope that his video could actually make people in Malaysia understand about how serious Racism issues could be and more united among us as multiracial or as Malaysian.

When I watched the news yesterday, they even said they feel that Namewee is instructed by someone or an organization for the creation of the video to create havoc. I am not sure about it but I think it isn't true. I am just afraid that this could be another politic tactic used to eliminate somebody or party from the politic world who really serve the people of Malaysia.

Stop Racism!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Immigration Tour

Today, I have made a trip to the immigration office in Malacca. The time spent there is really exhaustive!

For your information, immigration office(for passport purpose) is open every day except public holidays. And, they actually told us in newspaper and website that they could process the passport within an(1) hour.

I arrived at the immigration office at 9am, waited to take number until nearly 11am. Just the number you see...>.<|||

After that, we waited for the number 1178 to be called until 1.40pm. 2 hours and 40 minutes just for my number to be called. Previously I read the notice board, they mentioned that if I was invited for studies abroad I could get 50% discount for my passport renewal. But, when I reached there with the document, they said that I am above 21. Government only sponsor 50% for those below 21. Oh my god, why government just subsidize to under 21s but not all who are going for further studies? I thought government will be encouraging more Malaysian youth for education but not limiting to those below 21. In the end, I paid RM 300 for my 5 years validity passport.

The payment side is also funny. They could make you wait for 30 minutes just to pay them and get the receipt. I thought collecting money at the cashier is pretty simple but yet it is complicated with the government.

(Not mine though...)

Well, in the end I could only get my new passport tomorrow which I need to make a trip there again. Kudos! to the immigration.

One more thing to share. As I am out of passport sized picture, I went to a shop near to immigration office to take a picture. The lady heard that I am going abroad next year and asked me to promote her shop for her. And yet, she charged me the usual RM 10 for 4 pictures.