Saturday, May 15, 2010

South African Meal @ Ecoba by 7ASTE

Woopppsss...I attended the ECOBA night organized by 7ASTE!! My entrance and my sister's were free as we are members of If you aren't member, that night cost you RM 80.

Let's see some pictures of it :)

There's a few of these 'lanterns' outside of the ECOBA.
They were quite smart to get more crowds as they setup a few laptops out there to ask non-members to register so that they can enter without any fee.

There is a gateway(tunnel) after that to the registration desk.
As there was very crowded, we waited and waited for our turn to enter >.<

There's where we register to enter...
One of the gal there looks so familiar, was it you? haha..
Give you another shot... hehe...
Then we were given this  
wrist strip(my own term...haha) to be wear on.
ecoba, a place for you to eat, chill and oogle(Don't understand also)
I like this outside setting for few friends or couples to chill out... Looks romantic also... :D

Some shots of the area:

She is the emcee

The food over there, actually just to keep your stomach fill with something for the beer and wine >.<
I love this the most, a polaroid of my sister and I.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Moon Occults Venus this Sunday!

Hey guys!
Are you currently in Peninsular of Malaysia? Near to KL? Or even Kepong? Here is a great news to share with you!
We have this rare opportunity to witness a very unique spectacle, an occultation of the planet Venus by the Moon. Think of it as an eclipse of Venus, a brief time when the Moon's orbit blocks out brilliant Venus for about an hour. From here this Sunday (16 May) night in Malaysia the Moon and Venus will just be rising above the eastern horizon around 7:20 pm and by approximately 7:31pm the Moon will close in and cover the planet. The Moon will reveal Venus again at approximately 8:34pm.

Date : 16/05/2010 (Sunday)
Time : 6.30pm ~ 9.30pm
Event : Moon Occults Venus (free admission)
Venue : Open parking space beside chinese temple near FRIM, Kepong
Contact for more information : Mr. Pang 016-9531210, Mr. Mo 019-3520592 or Mr. Dick Yoo 012-2267063

Going? Newscutting in mandarin, sorry!

World Cup Globalization when the World Is Flat

As World Cup is getting nearer, let's blog about it then!

Have you ever read a book named the World is Flat? It's a nice book to read if you are free. So, what happen as globalization is getting more and more advance now?

Let's see!

Sorry~ I am not going to post you some picture of Cristiano Ronaldo

Maybe USB?
Football player model USB pendrive!

Anyone can join World Cup in this flat world.

You can join!

 Nelson Mandela can join~

 We can join too!!

Actually, to participate in World Cup 2010, you just need to prepare some things as stated as below:

A Wii from Nintendo
A rope from grocery shop
A TV, ooppss..Maybe this is too old to get it...^^
And of course, 2010 FIFA World Cup Wii disc!!

When you have all these,
even an office lady can participate in the office!

But one WARNING I need to warn you!

NEVER loosen your Wii!! Or else you will face cracked TV like this!!

Let's Wii!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tapped into most popular post

5 Killer Ways to be TOP blogger! :D

Wanna improve your blog?(as in the content) Follow these...


  • See how nuffnang got us? 
  • It can be a treat, information or just merely laughter :D
  • Think before you blog, what can they get out of it?

  •  Bear in mind that YOU are not KennySia
  • You need to be unique, as in the blog title, content, pictures, videos to increase the uniqueness of your blog. e.g. I have chosen Photography Journey as I can provide pictures taken by me anytime..
  • They are your eye-catcher!! 
Be FIRST & Original
  • Do you think people want to read over and over again movies review about Titanic? People are waiting for reviews for Robin Hood, Prince of Persia and Karate Kid lah 
  • You can view others' post about the topic, but get the point and elaborate yourself. What's the point of having two same post together with same elaboration? 
  • One of the marketing skills is user-friendly yet understandable, straight to the point. 
  • Research to get more information for the sake of your readers and yourself
  • You can look at this to see how many people blogged about your topic

 Since you already started to have good contents, try more marketing and branding through social media!

  • They are the key to let your blog post appear in the front line of search engine!
  • You may use Google AdWords to check the popularity of the word, amount of monthly searches over the word and also the competition level for the search.
Social Media
  • You can try out Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc, ways to promote your updated blog!
  • Visit other blogger to increase blogosphere appearance, leave comments or just say hi! will do :)
I think these 5 ways will simple enough for you to get yourself to be a better blogger and reach the TOP in the future.. Be patience as you won't get the fruit as soon as you planted the seed.. You need time to keep it healthy and grow stronger day by day! Cheers!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Song of Vulgar Language...It can be an ART :P

Tech News: What? HD camcorder with interchangeable lens?!

Well well well, let's start with a bit introduction & history of camcorder. (not to bore you but for knowledge :D)

A camcorder (video camera recorder) is an electronic device that combines a video camera and a video recorder into one unit.

Camcorder was originally designed for television broadcasting which is damn bulky, huge and HEAVY. The TV crews uses 16mm film which need to be processed in the station and edit before it can be aired. So, normally the recording in early evening can only be aired on local news at 11pm. During this old days, the sarcastic idiom "film at 11" existed due to the slow process of the film.

But, as consumers are getting more and more demanding(I think everyone of us demands right?), the size of any digital items getting smaller and smaller AND more user friendly. From analog(those bulky VHS for example)  to digital(DVD, HDD, etc) and now, Sony presents you interchangeable lens HD camcorder(yay! it's High Definition)

Is the lens that important for a camcorder? I have wiki-ed it out for you :)

The lens is the first component in the light path.The lens controls optic in many ways
  • aperture or iris to regulate the exposure and to control depth of field(dof);
  • zoom to control the focal length and angle of view;
  • shutter speed to regulate the exposure and to maintain desired motion portrayal;
  • gain to amplify signal strength in low-light conditions;
  • neutral density filter to regulate the exposure
 Here, I have embedded the preview video of the SONY interchangeable lens HD camcorder. Have a look!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

貸(大)耳隆Loan Shark in my Primary School

According to Wikipedia, a loan shark is a person or body that offers unsecured loans at high interest rates to individuals, often backed by blackmail or threats of violence.

This all happened during a day I went to SJK(c) Pay Fong II to send lunch to my niece.

 That's the condition of the classroom... And for your information, the class is air conditioned! Elementary school with aircond you know???

Some naughty students there kept asking who am I... Maybe I looked too smart that day... Haha...
I  kinda got bored by all the questions then I just left the classroom, and then I saw THIS!!(Next picture)

貸書室, it supposed to be a room to borrow textbooks and such. But, the Malay translation is Bilik Boss or Boss Room in English. Sounds like 貸(大)耳隆 boss room. Lol! Kinda lame maybe..haha..But I find it funny for the translation :D

Oh yea...this is my new hairstyle... Maybe you can't see it clearly here...Look for me in real life!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day at Wa Zen 和膳, Melaka

SUNDAY - 9th MAY 2010, is Mother's Day. We decided to check out Wa Zen at Melaka Raya, Melaka, to celebrate this special day for Moms!

Characters Introduction

My dad!

The special one - My mom!

Another special My Sis!

My niece!

Ooppss...brunch's Cha Siew from Melaka Raya too :P

Here are some shots of the day :)
Mr toothpicker and family

Ms 'Jiang' (Soya sauce)

Free advertisement for Sony Camera

While waiting patiently for the food
(stomach growling actually)

Taken by my mom! Kudos!

Getting bored waiting there...Took a tour in the restaurant...
One type of private room available there...

I like this shot! 
Fake sushi...
This liquor meant for me if you understand mandarin...

River of God!

Food time!

 Unagi set!

It's a bit too dry compared with Sushi Zanmai that I have blogged before. 
Sashimi set!

Tasty salad...

This 2 Japanese Chicken Satays ... Taste good...but a little bit too pricey...

Her facial expression proved the tastiness of it X)

Father & Son in Wa Zen!

My beloved mom too!

Operation Hour: 
12.00pm - 2.30pm & 5.30pm - 10.30pm (close on Tuesday)

I will suggest you to book beforehand and their number is +606-2823882

I have actually made a surprise gift for my mom this year...
Present you...
The Mother's Day Card delivered from United States! 
Hope you LOVE it!