Thursday, March 19, 2009

I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband

Thanks to Maxis Broadband and also our beloved NuffNang! I stand a chance to win a ticket to the Nuffnang Music Bash 2009 Powered by Maxis Broadband. This event will be held at Maison, Jalan Yap Ah Shak, KL @ 4th April 2009 which is a Saturday! Just imagine that, everyone is wearing like a celebrity such as Britney-not-so-Spears, Michael-not-Jackson, or even Ricky-Martini!!

Hereby, I also have some pictures I took minutes ago in order to get my own tickets there! I hope it is not too late for it!! Woo Hooo!!! Here you go...

Wow..Just thinking if I AM really a Music Celebrity...I think, I want a Lamborghini for myself, Ferrari for my family members and also Mercedez for my maids. Haha.. If you are a celebrity, you can get all sorts of privilledge, even a picture like Nobita like him also can..

Have a look also on the special version of Mariah Carey for laughter here! Yes, just click HERE!

Lot's of hot prizes to be won! So, don't wait! Join us in NuffNang Music Bash 2009!! I am Hot-To-Go!!WooHooo!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Touch My Body

Tuts my Barreh, the revised version of Mariah Carey's Touch My Body. LOL!! Enjoy!! Remember to bring your counter-laughing pills with you!! hahaha...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Strip of Your Clothes

A young girl named J is born beautiful, elegant and attractive. Due to the family issue, she is now staying with her uncle in his house. Normally, they wear as casual as we do, like now.

One day, the girl finally felt so unresistable anymore and ask her uncle into her room.
She said, 'Uncle B, now I order you to remove your jacket!' His uncle just follow as she said. After that, she took a deep breath and say, 'Now, remove my tops!'. Well, his uncle just stay cool and follow as she said again.

Next, J with an embarrassed and blushing face said, 'Please remove my bra too...' After pausing for a second, but he really did it! 'Remove my panties too, uncle B' and he taken it down slowly there.

Sigh as J voice out again, 'Uncle B, from now on, I forbid you to wear my clothing anymore! Understand!?!?!?!'

P.s.: For those who thought of something else, you can start thinking on how to repent for your 'creative' mind already :P

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Last Post of Aquaria

I went THERE!!

Outside only la..Just wondering how come the logo for female toilet is like that.
Don't you feel tired?? Haha..

Okay, back to Aquaria. This is the last post about it already, hope you like the pictures.

My favourite Lion Fish!!

Isn't it beautiful? I like it a lot!

And this totally change my perspective on Malaysian's translation.
Lion aka Ayam in Malay?? What?!! Is this elementary school translation? haha..

One of the ancient fish that exist long long time ago.

Catfish is it?


Here, we reach the feeding time of Piranhas...Darn kanchiong(excited) first..


No mercy!

The pity one...

This is for PPWEN as she went to see horse but not fish. So, I get you seahorses!

The too-free Me..haha

My coursemate-Qing Yue, stole a puppy from the toy shop in KLCC.

Qing Yue and Moon!

My Meal..

The magnificent Petronas Twin Towers - The Pride of Malaysia

The End. So, how was it? Nice? Give me comment!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Once again, I am blogging about my visit to Aquaria. But, this time, it is not so Aquaria scene in Aquaria. Sounds weird? Have a look then!!

Reticulated Python which is "Work in Progress"?!?!
I wonder is it because of the amazing Parseltougue of Harry Potter which made it disappear..

The Tarantula- Hairy and LARGE spiders which can produce silk.. WoW!

Let's have a look on long thingy..


Round enough!

And some frogs here...Too much of Naruto Shippuden nowadays..haha

This is big enough to swallow a mouse. SWT!!

So, is Aquaria still an Aquaria?? Stay tune for my next post!!