Friday, November 07, 2008

Clinique FreeBies For You!

Hey all, doing free advertisement for Clinique, Allergy tested;100% fragrance free product. Haha..
You will get a Free Superdefense SPF 25/PA+++ Age Defense Moisturizer travel size sample.. While stock last though... Be Quick!

Just go to and fill up a very simple form. They will immediately send you an e-coupon for you to redeem your age defense moisturizer. Quick quick!!

Tales of Malaysia (Comic Version) ^^

Well, thanks to Zunar, the artist who creatively drawn all these. Have lots of laughter!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Words to share...



This shot was taken about an hour plus ago... Went to 2020, Sungai Chua, for dinner. Just take my camera out, point and shoot. Just 1 picture for the day. ^^ Add oil in exams!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Well..not me of course..Recently saw few wedding event pictures posted by my friends and also some from other website.. Suddenly, give me the idea of blogging about it.. Exactly one month ago, attended a wedding ceremony.. A very simple one..

Here is the groom...

While this is the bride...I know her but not familiar. She is my brother's friend too..

The eternal pledge by both of them.. which declares their eternal happiness together..

We have some program specially for them... Love songs by Mou & Kit

And surprisingly, the groom's mother too..!!

Took a picture with the girls... Just how lovely... Sweet moment..

After seeing all these... Even the little boy......

Sunday, November 02, 2008

I got my holidays!!

In dream.....

Yea...Really, in dream.... Haizz...

Slept quite 'early' this morning... And gotten this dream of travelling..

This is the story........

I was suppose to go back for studies by 28th December. But, don't know what happened, I was given the chance to pilot the small aeroplane(I don't know what it is in proper term) on the day before I go back to University.. And, funny, it was somehow sponsored by the bus company that I use always. More importantly, those ticket sellers, workers, etc, are all going to accompany me all the way to Sabah(the testing site I dreamt of) for the plane thingy.

Aarrghh.... I did not have the chance to continue my dream to the 'test-fly' moment as I was awakened... No more dreams...I guess..It's something like this??

Is this dream telling me, I should work even harder to realized my travelling dream? Quote from 'The Secret', "Thoughts become things" aka ichinen in Japanese. This is what I want! I want it to be reality not virtual! Go for it Joon Hao!! Fight on!!

Hehe...Just to share this picture of preparation for holidays!!