Saturday, June 27, 2009

250509 Landslide Awareness Program

Today, we have the landslide awareness program in school. Students from Feng Jia University(If I am not mistaken) came here for the presentation about it.

One of my favourite student. She called me 'Ah Gong'! Lol!!

The Giant Storybook


葉老師 and standard 6 student(just graduated recently)

Biting finger nails!

Looking what?

A demonstration of the flow of rocks and stones during landslide.
From what they said, the bigger rocks will flow on top while the smaller ones at the bottom.
Hmm..Why huh?

Head among the heads

Licking finger? Lol!

Beware of landslide..

葉老師 again!

Friday, June 26, 2009

240509 Hsinchu City

After we back from Jhongli, we meet up with TSLC AIESECers - 大熊﹐老爹 and Darrien.

A shot at the train station. We were waiting and waiting..Then I saw one person who is big sized, wearing black T and a flowery pants. I was kidding that maybe that guy is the so called 大熊 who we never see before.

Then we saw him making a phone call, and our phone rang! So, I talked to him and make sure of his identity and I am RIGHT! Haha..We were shocked there as my wild guess just so true..Haha

We took a shuttle to Da Yuan Bai

The 13 Storeys SOGO which I finished walking in 10 minutes...

We watch Night at the Museum 2 here.

The Easy Shop, selling non-male products..Haha..



Wasabi Japanese Cuisine


Baseball court

Escape Route??

We had our famous bihun which the Hsinchu people are proud of so much

Well.. Just Bihun...

Some religious parade

And there is also some Sexy Old Ladies Brass Band during the parade.