Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Human's natural reaction..

Now, I would like to share a video which I found interesting too. Frog represents human.

You see, when we are facing a problem which pop up immediately.. We of course know that we are in danger and will find ways to solve it. But, if it is something that happening around us slowly, step-by-step, we wouldn't realise it immediately. We will just sit there and wait. Although it is uncomfortable, we will just be so patience there to wait for something to happen a.k.a. miracle to solve our problem. Why I blog about this is because global warming is happening since thousands and thousands year ago(those are tiny, mini things that doesn't affect much to our daily life). But, the increment of factories, vehicles, cows(hmmm...I bring them in as their fart produces tonnes of methane gas which is one of the greenhouse gases), war(especially those involved nuclear and hydrogen bomb) made our temperature increase exponentially nowadays. Yet, people are still sitting here and 'Who cares?!' to all the environmentalist or those who cares the Earth and their future generations. Peoples do not appreciate what they have now, they do not take care of them. The frog is lucky to be saved before really get killed in the boiling water. If global warming reaches the final stage, who can save us? Think about this yourself.

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